Rockland International School has been set up as part of social responsibility by a group of likeminded Entrepreneurs and Educationists with the Philanthropic purpose of providing quality Education with strong Indian values. We believe that Education is the most powerful instrument of social transformation. Therefore, Rockland International School has been established to contribute to human enrichment through Quality Education . We wish to see India as a superpower and a vibrant knowledge society in the near future. We have a strong convictions that quality educations is every one's right . And this right can be extended to the rich and the poor equally if quality educations is made available at a reasonable and affordable cost.

Our Educational Beliefs

Keeping pace with global educational trends and standards, the school follows a curriculum which shapes and nurtures student’s personality in a holistic manner, through-

  • All children are naturally motivated to learn and are capable of learning.
  • Every child has creative spirit and generous joy in the play.
  • Making meaning and developing the capacity for abstract thinking, reflection and work are the most important aspects of learning.
  • Children learn in a variety of ways – through experience, making and doing things, experimentation, reading, discussions, asking, listening, thinking and reflecting and expressing oneself in speech, movement and writing. They need opportunities of all these kinds in the course of their developments.
  • Learning takes place both within school and outside school. Learning is enriched if these two areas interact with each other.
  • Art and work provide opportunities for holistic learning rich in tacit and aesthetic components.
  • Learning must be paced to the cognitive readiness of the child to sharpen understanding rather than remembering only to forget after examinations.
  • Learning must provide Variety and Change and be interesting and encouraging to avoid educational fatigue and boredom.
  • Healthy physical growth is the pre condition for all kind of development of the child.

Educational Stratagies

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  • Child-centric approach to education.
  • Activity based teaching-learning process.
  • Comprehensive curriculum leading to the holistic growth of the learner.
  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of learners.
  • Integration of modern technology in pedagogy and teaching-learning process



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